Would you like to:

  • Learn more about gardening from experts?
  • Exchange tips and tricks with fellow gardeners?
  • Attend informative monthly meetings?
  • Stroll through local area gardens?
  • Develop a network of new friends who share your love of gardening?
  • Have fun?

Then Join the Club!

Complete a 2024 Membership Form and bring it to a meeting.   

Membership Dues for 2024:

  • Couple, $25
  • Single, $20
  • Senior/Senior Couple (65+), $15

Have questions? Contact us at: hoffmangardenclub@gmail.com

Club Activities:

  • Monthly Programs the first Thursday of each month (except January and July) from 6:00-8:00 PM at Spring Valley Nature Center, North classroom, 1111 E. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg, IL
  • Garden walks and impromptu garden strolls throughout the growing season
  • Annual Plant Sale at the Schaumburg Farmer’s Market.  Members divide their perennials and start plants from seed to sell on opening day of the Market.
  • Plant, maintain, and harvest vegetables at our “Giving Garden.”  All vegetables are donated to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry and we’re proud to say we donated over 170 pounds worth of produce in 2023.
  • Annual holiday party